Get Your People Home Safely Every Shift

We are very excited here at Installations SA to announce the expansion of our services assisting Seeing Machines with the global installation of Fleet Driver Safety Systems.

“Seeing Machines builds image processing technology that tracks the movement of a person’s eye, face, head and facial expressions. The technology makes a regular camera intelligent: able to evaluate each facial movement, process it, and then interpret this data to better understand a person’s behaviour.”

When drivers partake in dangerous behaviours such as mobile phone usage and microsleep episodes their ability to react promptly to hazards on the road can be dramatically impaired. Seeing Machines can provide our customers with a number of benefits as the advanced technology enables real-time monitoring of driver fatigue and driver distractions. Through the use of in-cab alerts, the Driver Safety System aims to prevent accidents before they happen, ultimately reducing accidents and saving lives.

Our Senior Field Technician, Alan has undergone extensive training to gain accreditation as a Seeing Machines Fleet Field Support Technician, making him the only certified technician in South Australia.

Click here to see the system in action

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